IMG_9222 (1)The process of purchasing and selling real estate has become much more time intensive over the past 40 years. In addition to making certain that our clients are receiving clear, marketable, and insurable record title, our office has full municipal searches performed for each house to insure compliance with all applicable Zoning Regulations, Building Code Compliance matters, compliance with the regulations of the local Conservation Commissions, and, for those properties with individual wells and/ or on site septic disposal systems, a full review of the well and septic plans on file to assure conformity with the State of Connecticut Health Code requirements. We are attuned to potential environmental issues such as the presence of asbestos 103_0349in a house or the current or former presence of an underground fuel storage tank on the property and take all reasonable steps to insure that our clients are not purchasing properties containing a prior owner’s environmental issues.  We are approved closing attorneys for all Connecticut banks and credit unions and are approved closing counsel to the nationwide lenders and private banks with which our clients frequently ask us to work. Our depth of experience, vision, and the skills of our real estate staff will make your real estate purchase or sale a far more enjoyable experience. Our approval by so many lenders makes our office the perfect place to come if you are refinancing your home. Our long standing relationships wIMG_3448ith the primary local lenders and familiarity with the lending practices of the larger lending institutions leads to timely, and accurate refinancing with no unpleasant surprises at the closing table. Long recognized as the gold standard in real estate legal services, experience the difference that our experience and professional relationships bring to our clients’ real estate matters.