Lakefront Properties

East Twin Lake, DSCN2452

Each town in northwestern Connecticut offers an array of unique properties, from magnificent estates and stunning historic homes to more modest gems hidden amongst the trees and hills which dominate our beautiful landscape. Perhaps the most sought after homes in the area are those which grace the sparkling shores of the major lakes for which our area is justly famous-Lake Wononscopomuc (Lakeville Lake), East Twin Lake and West Twin Lake all in Salisbury Township. These properties are costly to purchase and modifications to the structures are limited by the provisions of the Salisbury Planning and Zoning Regulations for properties in the Lake Protection Overlay District (an area encompassing part or all of every waterfront lot in town), the regulations of the Salisbury Conservation Commission and the Connecticut Health Code as applied and enforced on our area by the Torrington Area Health District. Most new lakefront property owners have a vision IMG_1873for modifying and modernizing their new home but all proposed modifications must go through a rigorous approval process in which the property rights of the individual owners are, through the several interlocking sets of regulations, balanced with the need to protect the water quality of the lakes from activities which could degrade it, and thus protect the public interest in preserving these precious aquatic assets. The process is complex and time consuming and takes great coordination with and the cooperation of a variety of professionals – Soil Scientists, Surveyors, Professional Civil Engineers, Architects 564and landscape designers – all of whose work must be managed, shared, and considered in concert with the desires of the property owner in order to come up with a house design and Site Plan that achieves the proper balance of private and public property interests set forth above. Attorney Capecelatro is the only attorney in northwestern Connecticut to successfully direct these projects from rough concept to final approval by all relevant administrative boards and has more than 20 successful projects to his credit.  He works with  a highly regarded team of local professionals whose work quality is widely recognized as first rate and whose work is uniformly trusted by the various administrative agencies involved in the lakefront projects.  He is the only attorney in the region with lakefront project experience and expertise and is widely recognized as the lakefront property expert by members of the real estate community.